4 Audio Services

4Digital Multitrack Recording
State of the art, 24 bit resolution, hard disk recording. Seamless Midi integration and the beneftis of digital editing make this format the choice of many of today's artists.

Mastering can greatly improve the sound quality of your music production!
Do not overlook this important final step in the production process.

4Digitization / Restoration
Just think what they could sound like... no more noise, no more scratches, clicks or pops. Just you and your favorite recording - clear and clean.

4Custom / Buy-Out Music
Whether you are in advertising, radio, or television, you need great sounding tracks. Sonic Audio can create the best royalty-free music for your projects at the best price, period.

4Sequencing / Midi
Full Midi production setup including sampling, drum programming & sequencing services.

4Media Transfers
Vinyl to CD, Cassette to DAT, DAT to CD...just about anything. You might not even have to come into the studio!

Gear List

DAW / Recorders

Sonar 5 Producer Edition
Universal Audio UAD-1 (w/ 1176LN, LA2A, Plate 140, Neve 88RS & more)
Waves Diamond Bundle Plug-In Suite
Antares Autotune 3
Toontrack EzDrummer (w/ Vintage, Nashville EZX's)
Ampeg SVX Bass Plugin
Asus/Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz / 300G SATA / 2G RAM / 22" LCD
Echo Layla 3G
Tascam DA-20
Yamaha Cassette Deck


Beyerdynamic MC740N
Beyerdynamic M260N
Beyerdynamic M201N
Electro-Voice N/D267
Electro-Voice PL6
Groove Tubes GT66 (2)
Sennheiser E602
Shure SM7-B
Shure SM57
Shure SM57 Unidyne III
Shure SM-58
Shure SM81 (2)

Microphone Preamps

A-Designs 500HR w/ P-1 Module
True Systems P-Solo
Joemeek TwinQ
Mackie VLZ Pro

Monitor System

Adam A7 Active Monitors
Rane MH4 Headphone Amp
Sony MDR-CD250
Audio Technica Series 66 (2)

Instruments / Misc

Kawai P2000 Digital Piano (88 key, weighted)
Fatar 49 key Midi Controller
2005 MusicMan Stingray
1992 MusicMan Stingray
Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II
SWR WorkingPro 4X10
Fender RT1000 Digital Tuner
1997 Fender American Telecaster
2004 MIM Fender Stratocaster
2004 Fender D71W-N Acoustic
Mesa/Boogie Rect-o-verb 50
Fulltone Bassdrive
Digitech BSW
BOSS Bass Chorus
DOD Bass Stereo Flanger
Aphex Punch Factory
Digitech Bad Monkey
Morley Classic Wah
Whirlwind IMP-2 DI
LP Performer Series Bongos

 4 Audio Samples

Take a listen to some tracks recorded at Sonic Audio


Harley Harkins - Looking Back
Harley Harkins - Vocals, acoustic guitar

Cover Tunes

Edward Dalley - Long Way Down
Edward Dalley - Vocals,
guitars, bass guitar, drums

Edward Dalley - Meatplow
Edward Dalley - Vocals,
guitars, bass guitar, drums

Josh Zuckerman - The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Josh Zuckerman - Vocals, fiddle
Edward Dalley - Electric guitars, bass guitar, synth, drums, vocals

Rock / Pop

Harley Harkins - Wait and See
Harley Harkins - Vocals, guitars
Edward Dalley - Bass, Drums

Harley Harkins - Last Kiss
Harley Harkins - Vocals, guitars, bass guitar
Edward Dalley - Drums, Keys

Harley Harkins - Always Easy
Harley Harkins - Vocals, guitars
Edward Dalley - Bass, Drums

Josh Zuckerman - A Totally New Sensation
Josh Zuckerman - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Edward Dalley - Electric guitars, bass guitar, synth, drums
Horns - Steve Jankowski & Stephen Tuzenau

Josh Zuckerman - When Love Comes Back Again
Josh Zuckerman - Vocals, acoustic guitar, violin
Edward Dalley - Background vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar, organ, drum

Voice-over / Karaoke

Mind Relaxation Techniques
Dr. Joan McGillicuddy
Helping Associates, Inc.

Alanis Morrisette - You Outta Know
Karaoke (Vocal Overdub)